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In scarlet he came to us, and that shall be his name henceforth.
But not a single man in the crowd called upon the stranger in scarlet.
Then, amidst a noise of talking and laughter, he took the patch from off his eye and stripped away the scarlet rags from off his body and showed himself all clothed in fair Lincoln green; and quoth he, "Easy come these things away, but walnut stain cometh not so speedily from yellow hair.
The scarlet monster made a snap at the Nome's left foot, but missed it by fully an inch.
His body was hairy like that of an ape, and his only clothing was a scarlet scarf twisted around his waist.
He passed the scarlet alligator and came here of his own free will and accord.
The owl-man led him back down the mountain path and ordered the scarlet alligator to crawl away and allow the Nome to cross the bridge in safety.
I am telling Konstantin Dmitrievitch about Turovtsin in the scarlet fever," she said, bending over to her sister.
Increases in scarlet fever are normal at this time of year as we approach high season between March and April.
Parents, schools, nurseries and other childcare settings across Yorkshire are being urged to be vigilant to the signs and symptoms of scarlet fever.
A total of 7,198 new cases - including 464 from this region - have now been reported since the season for scarlet fever infections began in September 2013, including 1,049 new cases from March 31 to April 6, Public Health England (PHE) reported.
Scarlet remembers being 18 months old and left in an apartment for two days, without food or water.