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Our scatterbrain syndrome makes it more difficult for individuals and communities to understand and solve problems -- and to bring meaning to life.
I have been a bit of a scatterbrain in the past but I am now keeping my concentration.
Fforde's heroine, a shapely scatterbrain called Thursday Next, slips smoothly from her own eccentric reality into the pages of a well-known book and back again in the time it takes to turn a page.
I hate quarterbacks,'' muttered Papadakis, a self-proclaimed obsessive-complusive scatterbrain.
Scatterbrain Fabian De Freitas actually forgot to nominate anyone.
She's thrilled to be given more meaty material that shows Audrey is so much more than just a scatterbrain.
Pithy portrait of an irresponsible and free-spirited scatterbrain who's alternately endearing and exasperating, pic pokes fun at both bourgeois coupledom and the swinging singles scene.
Such titles, or others like Young Widower, 1987, The Charming Scatterbrain, 1990, or Limits of the Ego, 1989--behind which one divines a dour laughter--apparently suggest psychological readings, but the images thwart the very anthropomorphic conversion they solicit; rather than things seeming more "human," the implication is that people are more like things.
We experience these biological problems as scatterbrain, brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, anxiety and the blues.
DENNY SOLOMONA is proving Castleford's main strike weapon on the field - but he's their biggest scatterbrain off it.
Describing the teenager as "really professional and switched on", Rudd added: "If she has got a fault she is a bit of a scatterbrain, but that is part of her charm and personality and I wouldn't necessarily want to change that because that is who she is.
to combine frou-frou with genius, scatterbrain with vision.