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A ferrite scatterer in a magnetic gap revealed enhanced Rayleigh scattering, indicating a stiff scatterer, as one would expect.
2008) has tested the new method using point sources that have unity amplitude and they are either phase locked together, or in another case, have phases determined by assuming they are scatterers reflecting signals from a separate point source illuminator located outside the field of view.
8) The main idea is that there is a local excitation field associated with each scatterer, which is defined as the superposition of the incident field with the field scattered by all the other particles in the system.
Therefore in practise, a complex object made up of a combination of these scatterers will have a mixed RCS performance with the cylindrical surface giving us a higher detection probability when compared with the circular surface and at better SNR when compared with the circular scatterer as well.
Sampling cells that are likely to behave as Permanent Scatterers can be identified in advance by means of a pixel by pixel statistical analysis of the amplitudes of the N + 1 available SAR images.
John Francome, no scatterer of meaningless compliments about jockeys, says: "Harry is a lovely lad and really well-mannered, which is a lot more important than people think.
I DO not understand why Mr Ashton should make a comparison with the Angel of the North in his letter on Bydales School - this is not near houses, is static, is not a scatterer of light and is not a producer of noise.
Their "scatter thinly" direction on the parsnip packets is perhaps the most ridiculous--unless the scatterer has nothing else to do that day.
Of these colors, red and black were highly scattering and absorbing in nature, brown is moderately absorbing while white is a good diluant and moderate scatterer.
but go again to the practitioner (of a ritual) which he performs for you and the scatterer (of flour) which he scatters for you; go down and drop it in a basket of bread, in a jug of water, in a j[ar] of oi[l and] he [will eat bread and he will.