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The scattering cross-section of a small scatterer, s, can be determined by a known equation:
Sampling cells that are likely to behave as Permanent Scatterers can be identified in advance by means of a pixel by pixel statistical analysis of the amplitudes of the N + 1 available SAR images.
The combination of classical TR acoustics and nonlinear spectroscopy brings about a significant enhancement of imaging localized areas of microdamage and is one of the only techniques known today to discriminate between a linear (void) and a nonlinear scatterer (crack).
Therefore, the size of scatterer is not crucial in our investigation.
The substance with the high refractive index is packed so densely that steric and other repulsive interactions force a local ordering of the scatterers (Tardieu and Delaye, 1988).
Your house is flooded, your threshold is raised, your upper room is inundated; your practitioners of (a ritual), your scatterers concerning the spreading of your flour.
Garden Bird Supplies, of Wem, Shrewsbury, had planned to sell the Squirrel Scatterer - until a huge customer protest.
Santex AG, Tobel, Switzerland, will present the Caviscat scatterer at the Techtextil show in Frankfurt.
The principle of this algorithm is to represent the frequency response of each received radar signal as a sum of complex exponentials, where each complex exponential represents a pole of the system and each pole corresponds to a specific scatterer in the view of the antenna.
We start by considering a single scatterer embedded within a homogeneous medium with dielectric permittivity denoted as [[epsilon].
To see the improvements in practice, the method is imposed to simulate a paramagnetic scatterer.
He covers Landauer-BA1/4ttiker formalism, current noise, non-stationary scattering theory, direct current and alternating current generated by the dynamic scatterer, noise generated by the dynamic scatterer, energetics of a dynamic scatterer, a dynamic mesoscopic capacitor, and quantum circuits with a mesoscopic capacitor as a particle emitter.