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More PS points are located in these cities, which is caused by the fact that stable scatterers such as building roofs and other constructions that constitute potential PS points are located in urban areas.
Meanwhile, the scatterers of target are often distributed sparsely in most radar imaging applications; thus sparse reconstruction and compressive sensing (CS) [4, 5] are suitable for RCI by exploiting the sparsity of target.
The nonzero components of [theta] in the sparse vector correspond to the amplitudes of the strong scatterers which are located in the grids.
The semi-ellipsoid, partially illuminated due to directional antenna at BS, won't allow all the scatterers present in the ellipsoid.
Zhang, (2012), "Monitoring Ground Deformation in Beijing, China with persistent Scatterer SAR Interferometry," Journal of Geodesy, 1-18.
Also, corroboration between the QCA calculations and Park's set of data was difficult because the indices of polydispersity of the air void radius and polymer shell thickness cover a wide range of values, whereas QCA formalism assumes that all scatterers have identical size.
Finally, the recognition of the solar maximum demonstrates the potential for an increase in the long-term observational capabilities over the Atacama region for the purpose of detecting trends in solar variations from the surface of the planet as well as for detecting changes in the amount of absorbers and scatterers related to natural and human causes.
Both scatterers are embedded in the middle of the center layer.
To the left of your photograph, but very clearly in full view of the scatterers of his remains, are eighteen enormous 328ft-high Danish wind turbines, courtesy of EDF, the French leccy company.
Fink, "Influence of noise on subwavelength imaging of two close scatterers using time reversal method: Theory and experiments," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
It should be emphasized that our goal is to estimate the permittivity profile of unknown scatterers, but not the non-radiating VECS.