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For instance, Dawn, a Procter & Gamble brand, recently unveiled several new scented liquid dishwashing soaps under the label "Dawn Escapes.
Both the Scented Oils and Spray Refills have a suggested retail price of $4.
Nearly 60% of women, age 16 and up, currently use a fine fragrance juice as well as a scented body product.
Tracy owns a patent pending for Dry Diffused Scented Banner Application Process an original Canadian Invention.
Do you think if you are wearing scented products you would be making friends or could you be making possible foes?
So it seems timely to create a scented garden to educate not only our men but to provide endless days and nights of aromatic summer pleasure outdoors.
We use wafers, sprays and even wash our clothes in the earth scented wash.
And while ambient (atmospheric) scents seem to boost memory for all the objects encountered in the scented environment (product, signs, lighting, salespeople), it doesn't much help people remember particular products.