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As can be seen in Figure 1, nonpoisonous material was valued as the most important attribute of eco-friendly furniture among the respondents, followed by scentless material, natural material, adoption of environmental certification, and verification of legal origin of wood.
2]O as a substance totally lacking in phenomenal properties: a "colourless transparent tasteless scentless compound of oxygen and hydrogen" (cited in Linton, 2010, page 78).
Taste stems from breath entails plainness, and hence plainness" and that "the scentless and yet tasty is spring water; the odorless and yet fragrant is orchid flowers.
As well as some of their greatest songs like All Apologies and Scentless Apprentice, it features 70 tracks including unreleased recordings, B-sides and live material.
The minimal test for self-awareness is the mirror test: mark a creature with a scentless dot somewhere on its body where it can be seen in its mirror reflection and see if it reacts, perhaps by trying to rub the dot off with a paw, claw, or trunk, or posing to get a better look at the oddity.
tenorioi are scentless, the throat is bright green to lemon yellow, and in herbarium specimens they are dull yellow to pale brown.
Half the world's bluebells can be found in the UK, but the flower is under threat from hybridising with the scentless, non-native Spanish bluebell which is often planted in gardens.
We marked the endocarps of all seeds used in the experiment using scentless paint, which enabled us to determine how many seeds were removed from the treatments or how many seeds germinated by observing remains from marked endocarps.