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The way a product is presented plays an important role; the Kansei of wood flooring may not be satisfactorily translated into a flat, soundless, and scentless picture.
He and his team also used the scentless flies as a starting point for other experiments.
According to the manufacturer's information, the catalyst is a scentless composite material (powder form) utilised in the reactor of catalytic cracking.
But all this is quite different with a South Sea Sperm Whaler; which in a voyage of four years perhaps, after completely filling her hold with oil, does not, perhaps, consume fifty days in the business of boiling out; and in the state that it is casked, the oil is nearly scentless.
Don't waste your cash on roses, most of them sold at this time of year are scentless and the tight buds always fall off the minute you remove the plastic packaging.
THIS scentless cream has a slightly waxy texture, but it soon seeps into your skin, making it feel soft, fresh and protected from the elements.
to disappear slowly beyond some bush or shrub starred with white bloom--jasmine, spiraea, honeysuckle, perhaps myriad scentless unpickable Cherokee roses .
Those who grow up in Southern California tend to see birds of paradise as unruly clumps of paddle-shaped leaves with gaudy and scentless blooms.
Stewart, an author and self-proclaimed compulsive gardener, reveals that the scentless and disturbingly uniform flowers that greet us each day at the supermarket's entrance are the product of a an industry based increasingly in South America, Africa, and other hot spots where the climate--and relaxed working conditions--are perfect for the big business of growing.
The butterflies gravitate towards dill and parsley to lay their eggs," says Leonetti, "and they visit both fragrant and scentless flowers of all colors, including white.
Their barbecues are fed by scentless and smokeless fuel; their dogs serenade the postman with Come Back to Sorrento in flawless tenor voices.
25-ounce bottle of scentless solvent, scentless gun oil, odor neutralizing patches, and one 8x8 inch odor neutralizing cloth.