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Scheduled services may be based upon days, rounds, miles or hours.
The result allows 18 days variance firm the scheduled date.
Allow yourself two weeks after you are scheduled to have the preliminary year end statements completed.
In classified balance sheets, the temporary difference attributable to the valuation allowances on current marketable equity securities should be scheduled to result in a deductible amount in the year following the balance sheet date.
The temporary difference as of the balance sheet date should be scheduled as a taxable or deductible amount in either the year of maturity or the estimated year of sale, depending on whether management intends to hold the bond to maturity or sell the bond.
Douglas Bookman, professor of biblical studies at The Master's College in Newhall, is scheduled to be the chief speaker at the service, and the 65-member Town Singers are scheduled to provide music.
Instead, services are scheduled to be held this year at the First United Church of Hollywood at 6817 Franklin Ave.
Conferencing is very easy to do with ReadiConvene whether on-demand "virtual meeting rooms," or alternatively, scheduled conferencing with integrated Outlook or Lotus Notes scheduling tools.
The new products, scheduled for release during the last quarter of 2003 and early 2004, include:
Video Conferencing WorldWide (VCWW), a leading systems integrator and authorized GSS reseller in the United Kingdom, secured the DfES order, which is scheduled for deployment by mid-June.
Users monitor R/3 batch workload from the same workstations they use for all applications, log files and job states from a single point and make changes to scheduled workload within the R/3 system any time up until execution - providing significant productivity improvements and increased ROI.
Real-time scheduling and conflict checking ensure that staff members are adequately skilled and licensed before being scheduled.