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But the three animal figurines share some of the trends towards schematisation and geometrical design that also emerge in the Late Palaeolithic animal representations of western and southern Europe (Dalmeri et al.
Robert Estivals, the founder and president of the Societe de bibliologie et de schematisation, as well as of the Association internationale de bibliologie, gave an overview of the development of the concept of bibliology and the manifold components of this vast field of knowledge (among others all aspects of bibliography, histoire du livre, etc.
Form in indigenous art: schematisation in the art of Aboriginal Australia and prehistoric Europe (Prehistory and Material Culture series 13): 277-85.
Schematisation and naturalism in the rock art of south central Queensland, in P.
There is only one anthropomorphic figurine from the Phase III site of Zilum that differs from the rest (Figure 5: 4) in its size and schematisation.
Gravettian and then Epigravettian art seems to evolve there towards a developed from of schematisation, close to abstraction.
The process of schematisation in the prehistoric art of the Iberian Peninsula, in P.