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The first and second chapters are dense reinterpretations of the Transcendental Deduction and imagination and schematism, respectively, and presume a thorough command of the first Critique.
The move from the hermeneutic or "horizonal" schematism of Being and Time to that of Ereignis continues the former's inner circularity.
Despite its cogency and fidelity to a number of central Kantian texts, the account just outlined does not stand up under close examination and, in fact, seems to ignore several aspects of Kant's position that suggest the need to revise significantly the preceding account of the unity of theoretical subjectivity, aspects that only become visible in the doctrine of the schematism.
59) Compare this with his statement in the Schematism where he writes, "the schema is simply the pure synthesis [of imagination] determined by a rule of [that] unity in accordance with concepts.
Kant's critical philosophy, says Laywine, completed the cosmology of sensation by making our understanding God's viceregent in the sensible world and thus completed also "the project of drawing a sharp distinction between the sensible world and the intelligible world by offering us an account of the schematism of our imagination and the type of the moral law" (p.
Above all, his preoccupation in the Metaphysics with the ranking schematism of prior/ posterior--for which see especially chapter 11 of book 5, and chapter 8 of book 9--is indicative of Aristotle's far-reaching concern with the evaluative dimension of metaphysical inquiry.
Longuenesse goes to the heart of the matter in chapters 8 and 11 by unpacking the TPSI, and by arguing for this three-term identification: the TPSI = reflection = the schematism of the categories.
The hierarchical structure and distinct system of dependence and subordination in the hospital, the standardization and formalization of the behavior of employees are conducive to the stiffening and schematism of their activities.
More impressive than these analyses, however, is the schematism that McKeon develops to create them.
Presented with a short introduction by 'Editor Literary Heritage' (again misaligned with current political developments in its attacks on 'social fascism'), these texts were notable in particular for Marx's approving comments on Shakespeare's realism as opposed to Friedrich Schiller's schematism.
Inscribed in an essentially anti-ecological discourse, nature is downsized to a TV-constructed, stereotypical otherness, with its complexity reduced to a binary schematism, where the human is always good and the wild is always evil.
Regarding vices and virtues, Lewis is hardly schematic in his presentation and may even change order and form to preserve the psychological realism and prevent the schematism to which the most overt allegory can lend itself.