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Although perhaps imperfect, this is the only uniform and consistent indicator I have to estimate the scholarliness level of the production elaborated by these scientific communities.
The words of the executive council that approved Justice Duggan, saying that he "possesses an unusual combination of scholarliness and pragmatism," (149) appear to ring true through his opinions.
At 40 we can leave the pulling of long-legged young lovelies to them, the b*stards, and concentrate instead on using our scholarliness for more noble means - i.
Not only does this study present the welter of images and information in clearly elaborated tables, it also is a most valuable collection of the Tibetan source material, some passages of which have been reproduced in the original Tibetan and translated in a way that highlights the author's scholarliness.
In addition, each of the editors provides an introduction: Ad Putter disposes with swift scholarliness of the bedevilling problems of generic definition (family resemblance) and whether the transmission of the popular romances was written or oral (both), and Jane Gilbert analyses the problems and opportunities offered by their designation as `popular'.
While feminist liberation theology "has all the strength and scholarliness of anybody's theology.