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And yet, his emphasis that many apprenticeships are 'a waste of time and public money' risks destabilising an important route for many school-leavers.
Firstly, school-leavers who are aiming for CIMA membership will be more attractive candidates to employers.
He said he wanted to challenge the organisations and the armed forces to develop ideas for a school-leaver programme.
In the last year alone, it has brought 2000 suitable vacancies to the attention of school-leavers and deputy district manager Eric Foy says this has proved extremely popular with employers keen to target school-leavers.
Researchers quizzed 800 school-leavers in eight cities and came up with these figures for teenagers claiming to have had relationships: Glasgow 10%, Liverpool 8%, London 7%, Manchester 5%, Aberdeen 4%, Newcastle 3%, Bristol 2%, Birmingham 1%.
Last year around 2000 school-leavers chose to go to the college for its wide choice of subjects, courses and facilities.
The number of school-leavers facing life on the dole queue has fallen dramatically.
ONE school-leaver in 20 claims to have had a sexual relationship with one of their teachers, according to a survey.
NESTLE will today unveil plans to create 2,000 jobs and paid work-experience places for graduates and school-leavers.
A Welsh Government spokesman said it was working to improve the skills of school-leavers.
Gateshead College's Baltic Campus will be open on Thursday to give school-leavers a chance to get advice on the courses available to them.
A WHOLE school turned out to applaud its school-leavers.

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