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The SchoolBAG programme is based on our recognition of education as a pillar of community development and nation-building, he said at the presentation ceremony.
Early this week, XPRESS did the rounds of some Dubai communities, weighing scale in hand, and sought permission from willing parents to weigh their children's schoolbags as they waited for their school buses.
The launch follows a series of claims made by the NHS that 'back pain in secondary school age children has been linked to heavy schoolbags and backpacks'.
ruler was the snazziest kit in a pupil's schoolbag are long gone Almost half (45 per cent) of children were found to take a smartphone with them to school, and over one third (35 per cent) said they carried headphones.
I unzipped her schoolbag in the evening, and among the usual letters from school and the debris that every child generates, I found an envelope and a letter addressed to me from a journalist," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.
Orange Jordan launched its Schoolbag distribution Campaign on the 19th of September, delivering complete stationary supplies to all schools adopted by the company in the Madrasati initiative, which include Mae'n elementary, Tawsiah, Ezzedin and Rajm Ash-shami schools, in addition to the Queen Rania School for the Hearing Impaired, and the Naqa' and Al-hadadah schools for girls.
Total celebrates the distribution of 7,000 schoolbags to sudents in Hadramout and pledges to absorb more local employees in its operations
The product is the brainchild of mother-of-two Paige Allen, who developed the idea after years of finding squashed bananas and bruised apples at the bottom of her kids' schoolbags.
POLICE apologised yesterday after it was revealed that an officer holding an anti-drugs lesson sent a 10-year-old girl home with a wrap of amphetamine in her schoolbag.
A schoolbag belonging to missing Japanese student Megumi Suzuki was found by police in suburban Adelaide ON Wednesday, heightening fears she may have met with foul play.
A schoolbag full of sweets instead of homework and books sounds like a school kid's dream.
She said she was throwing a friend's schoolbag over the 5ft 6in fence at Kings Norton High School when her finger was caught on a metal spike.