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The researchers, from Umea University, added that their study is the first to show that unhappy schooldays can have such long-lasting consequences.
For one of my happiest memories of my schooldays was the event we organised as sixth-formers for the local Phab organisation.
So, Mr Mreku, if you're reading this, I want you to know that I make no apologies for writing about things that happened during my schooldays, for a lot of people tell me they enjoy reading such stories.
The loving bonds of community encircle my children: on Sundays, on schooldays.
Tesco, sponsors of the Learning Zone in the Millennium Dome, will build an exhibition which should transport visitors back to their schooldays whatever their age.
When she informs me all my schooldays are done, scolded, colded, ruined: when she informs me all my schooldays are done it is within this moment I more or less begin to imitate an image.
She gives us a picture of her girlhood that begins in her earliest schooldays and concludes toward the end of her high school career.
Catriona, 17, waved goodbye to her schooldays at Ayr's Belmont Academy after passing the test for the part of a teen-temptress in the Scottish Television soap.
com could be used to plan group trips, and schooldays.
Stanley Morris Sorenson had happier memories: "My schooldays were mainly at Kitchener Road.
The series featured old home movies and the Hepworth youngsters were filmed for a programme about schooldays (hudtmc200313hepwor th)
South Down MP Eddie McGrady said he had known Councillor Peter O'Hagan, who was in his 80s, since his schooldays in Downpatrick and that he had been "a lifelong friend and advisor".