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Beddoes's tempestuousness and morbid inclinations must have been noticed even before being sent to school, but the first recollections of his eccentricities as a child only come from one of his schoolfellows, Charles Dacres Bevan, a minor student who, willingly or not, was part of Beddoes's frequent acts of insubordination: "The expression of his face was shrewd and sarcastic, with an assumption of sternness, as he affected the character of a tyrant and bully, though really not much of either; but a persevering and ingenious tormentor, as I knew to my cost.
The "pretty cousin" who shared Peacock's shifting affection was presumably based on Cecilia Knowles's younger sister Clarinda, with whom he was in love in September 1812, when he took a walking tour of the Isle of Wight with their brother-in-law and his old schoolfellow Joseph Gulston.
Morrison's antipode is the Machiavellian journalist and politician Somerset LloydJames (thought by many readers to resemble Raven's former schoolfellow Lord ReesMogg).
When the pain inflicted by his bullying schoolfellow, Roald Dahl, exceeded the sadomasochistic pain-pleasure ratio, Welch upped and spunkily ran away from Repton.
Dellamora's "evidence," drawn from Martin and Allen, is a letter to Spedding's brother, complimenting Hallam's abilities; and a reference to Spedding responding, "with depths of tenderness," to the death of a schoolfellow from Bury.
In addition to these main characters, there is Percival, a schoolfellow of the other six who dies in India in his midtwenties and who never speaks directly in the novel but appears as the others speak of him.
He spent his whole life in his native town, where he studied under the celebrated teacher the Imam Mowaffak and was later granted a pension by the Vizier Nizam ul Mulk, a former schoolfellow, becoming known far and wide as a scholar and astronomer.
By February 1912, he had a new collection ready, Ripostes, which he dedicated to his schoolfellow William Carlos Williams.
Miss Milroy, the headmistress of the Wesleyan Girls School, said that Mary was one of the most advanced scholars and set a good example to her schoolfellows.
Emmeline quickly makes friends--Lizzie, the pathetic, hardworking skivvy; the doctor's family; Daniel, the lonely schoolboy next-door; her rather prim schoolfellows and the warm-hearted boatmen on the cut.
This suggestion is that it derives from the middle name Victor, which would have enabled him, or schoolfellows, to allude to the French author Victor Hugo (Lobdell 1-2).