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When Maggie came, however, she could not help looking with growing interest at the new schoolfellow, although he was the son of that wicked Lawyer Wakem, who made her father so angry.
Emily's commanding spirit seized on the reins of government, and employed each of her schoolfellows in the occupation which she was fittest to undertake.
A BOY stole a lesson-book from one of his schoolfellows and took it home to his Mother.
Jacob's fortitude deserted him at the double disappearance of his schoolfellows and his prospect of dinner.
Here we stand, by no previous appointment or arrangement, three old schoolfellows, in Westminster Hall; three old boarders in a remarkably dull and shady seminary at Saint Omer's, where you, being Catholics and of necessity educated out of England, were brought up; and where I, being a promising young Protestant at that time, was sent to learn the French tongue from a native of Paris
ix: 'My old friend and schoolfellow, Dr John Clague of Castletown, a gentleman well versed in the folk-lore and language of the country, and learned in all its ancient musical traditions, had been collecting material for many years past.
For information on Reid, see the ODNB; for a brief reference to John Reid as Hazlitt's schoolfellow at Hackney, see Stanley Jones, Hazlitt.
Chi Yufeng was invited to the Qing Hua University employment direction center to speak and communicate with the university students face to face as a former schoolfellow.
We have a vivid and caustic recollection of him by a schoolfellow, Charles Bevan, who was Beddoes's fag and 'in constant attendance upon him'.
In a series of opera reviews he contributed to the Examiner in 1813, Thomas Barnes, Hunt's old schoolfellow and legendary editor of" the Times, made a strident case for middle-class control of opera repertory at the King's Theatre based on an argument that superiority of rank in Regency society lay in inverse relation to taste and education:</p>
They recognize him as Sam Shotter, a former schoolfellow.