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And criticisms of state schooling are often misconstrued or misrepresented as attacks on the idea of universal access to good schools.
Senate Bill 291 would have required home schools to be supervised by a certified teacher and monitored biannually by the school district, prohibited the home schooling of any child with developmental disabilities (despite the existence of many studies proving that special needs students learn better in a home-school setting), and prohibited home schooling by stepparents and legal guardians.
As the name implies, The British School in Tokyo recreates the English schooling system in Tokyo and was originally set up in 1989 to service the British expat community.
But perhaps the greatest difference between the older schooling and the new Graded School lay in their respective disciplinary regimes.
He has attacked public school teachers as greedy far-left agents of social engineering and once compared public schooling to Naziism and Communism.
I have deep reservations about charter schools based on the way that enemies of democratic public schooling are trying to use them as a wedge to bring the process of privatization," Kohn says.
Making educators accountable for helping all students meet high levels of academic achievement has necessitated that the very mission of public schooling shift from "teaching" to "learning.
The lesson is not that markets cannot drive more profound change in education," he writes, "but that such effects will require changing the institutional and organizational context of urban schooling.
Compulsory mass schooling is an aberration in both history and modern society.
Supporters of the Ohio "Pilot Scholarship Program" called it an "educational choice" measure, intended to rents a wide array of options regarding their children's schooling.
5) Schooling embodied and reinforced middle-class parental attitudes towards children and youths, particularly in its regard for the span of time before adulthood as years of formal preparation and semiautomony.
In addition, 9 members had transferred to adult or post-secondary education, and 36 had transferred to other school districts, home schooling, or a private school.