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In Guatemala, for example, the new owners transform each standard yellow school bus from stodgy schoolmarm to pop diva with elaborate multicolored hot-rod-like paint jobs and plenty of chrome.
A schoolmarm wanders in -with hooves clicking the ground
Sometimes I feel that you just might think of me as an old-fashioned schoolmarm.
These include the hippie, schoolmarm, teen wannabe, yuppie, sibling activist and total control freak.
Things heat up when Renee Zellweger, as Allison French, shows up on the afternoon stage with all the makings of the schoolmarm type.
Now, on occasion, I'll dive into comments--more often than not these days to ask them to be civil toward one another in a way that makes me feel like a schoolmarm.
Why the lovely and sensible schoolmarm (an extremely sincere Carrie A.
And then a night turned into a week and a week turned into a year, and now it seems like I'm a bloody schoolmarm.
The United States is much like a schoolmarm trying to keep the bullies from beating up the smaller children.
But Staunton ended up playing the villain as an "apple-cheeked schoolmarm - drenched in pink angora".