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Results of the research have been published in Scientia Iranica F, vol.
Hovione Scientia Limited committing to a cost-profit sharing co-development and licensing partnership with Invion to develop and manufacture inhaled INV104 using Hovione's proprietary inhaler
SeeNews) - Sep 2, 2014 - Austrian general public services company Scientia Immorent GmbH has awarded a EUR-299,000 (USD 392,000) contract to local M+E Metallbau for metal works in Klosterneuburg, the state of Lower Austria.
David Cooper, Scientia Professor of Medicine and director of the Kirby Institute at University of New South Wales, expressed concern about certain factors about the study when applied on humans.
Head of the Transfer Department of the Tajikistan's National Bank, scientist and poet, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Mirzokhasan Sultonov received the Labore et Scientia (by Labor and Knowledge) Order of the European Scientific and Industrial Consortium (ESIC).
Majumdar, On some Smarandache determinant sequence, Scientia Magna, 4(2008), No.
Australian residents who achieve an Atar of 99 or above may apply for UNSW high achiever scholarships, while Scientia scholarships recognise students who have received an Atar of 99.
Speaking about the decision to choose Scientia, Anemie Depuydt, Director ICTS said, “We chose Scientia because it already has a strong track record working with some of the world's best universities.
Called Scientia International, the magazine is printed in an "international auxiliary language" called Interlingua (akin to Esperanto): "In other countries there is no journal like Science News Letter.
This is nearly 100 times more accurate than the best atomic clocks we have now," said one of the researchers, Scientia Professor Victor Flambaum, who is Head of Theoretical Physics in the UNSW School of Physics.
This narrowly focused collection of papers seeks to explicate competing notions of scientia in the works of 17th century natural philosophers and to show how natural science conceived as a unified domain of enquiry gradually emerged from these disparate sources.

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