scientific determination

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Although the two genetically modified organisms did undergo the agency's voluntary consultation, that process is not even designed to provide a scientific determination of safety or official government approval of GMOs.
Following a scientific determination, residents and “green industry” professionals receive instructions about how to best deal with landscape problems as safely as possible, and typically receive Home Ground Fact Sheets designed to help residents better understand the issue and resolve it.
The UN peacekeeping department at UN headquarters said this week that it has been discussing the investigation with the World Health Organization in Geneva, which has the personnel and means to make the scientific determination about cholera in Haiti.
Nevertheless, we should strive for a more scientific determination of what is really necessary.
It would be a departure from accepted FDA practice for a scientific determination to be reached without a thorough and valid review, including access to the raw data," said Dr.
The show's host and lead investigator, Jack Kassewitz, brings the same scientific determination that he has demonstrated in his seminal research in human-dolphin communication.
Panelists at the hearing agreed that the maximum contaminant level of arsenic is not protective at the current 50 parts per billion (ppb); but some panelists expressed concern beyond questioning EPA's scientific determination, stating that the proposed 5 ppb is too costly to rural and smaller water districts without an economically feasible cost-to-reduction-in-risk ratio, preferring a protective measure of 10 ppb at the lowest, to 20 ppb as recommended by the Science Advisory Board.
Notwithstanding this clear scientific determination, the FDA has delayed any action on the application.
The Environmental Protection Agency is still investigating health claims from the drywall, and while much remains to be learned, lawsuits are not waiting for scientific determinations.
It also would make political appointees responsible for some scientific determinations and would stop the government from designating ``critical habitat'' that limits development.
This regulatory model makes it possible to perform accurate, scientific determinations of the risks posed by the introduction of an organism into the field--and to match regulatory requirements to those risks.
Eight scientists complained in a letter to Congress that CDRH management is overruling their scientific determinations requiring more data for 510(k)s.

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