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People who hadn't been there scoffed, as people who have never been to Sunderland may scoff.
The book, put together by Rebecca Earle of the University's History department, updates Simple Scoff, an innovative cookbook first published in 1972 by the University of Warwick Student Union and Lady Doris Butterworth, the wife of the University's first Vice-Chancellor.
It is easy for those with a doctrine of so-called efficiency to scoff at the idea that wages need to be sufficient for the acquisition of property as well as for the finer things of life, and that work should be of a nature to enable the worker and his dependants to enjoy them.
MIDLAND pub and restaurant group Scoff and Quaff held an exclusive invite-only event to celebrate the official re-opening of the Old Beams, a country inn situated just outside of Stourport-on-Severn in Worcestershire.
It seems that conference-goers are expected to scoff 5,000 posh nibbles a day during their Birmingham stay - the canapes being made by the ICC catering team on site.
The collaboration, named Scoff, is bringing together five Midlands vendors - The Jabberwocky, Hungry Toad, Spectacular Goat, Big Daddies Diner and The Meat Shack.
A group of female folk singers kept the supporters enthralled for several hours by belting out one parody after another to scoff at the Nitish Kumar government as well as the Centre.
There is definitely something touching about Nesbitt's compassion, something endearing about his generosity, something indeed that many of our politicians may scoff at.
1pm YUM YUM: Nigella tucks into lobster with a companion 8pm GLUM GLUM: She's thoughtful after steak with husband Charles TUM TUM: Nigella is full up after her double scoff
For a man whose nickname suggests he'll scoff anything (he's fondly known as Hugh Fearnley-EatsItAll), there is at least one thing he won't put anywhere near his mouth, as he reveals: "I certainly wouldn't eat the white on top of a fried egg if it was still transparent.
Yes the dog talks however before you scoff and disregard this book, you should know that Zeus speaks with the wisdom of the ages.
In Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (the book), Ted Allen doesn't scoff at the question "If I can get produce year-round, why do I care what's in season?