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Caption: (left) Scofflaw, which in opened in 2012 with 70 gins, now features about 100; gin accounts for around 25% of the Chicago bar's spirit sales
The first one, SB 343, would have lowered the administrative fees the NTTA could charge toll scofflaws from a maximum of $100 to $50.
Greuel, who is running for city controller in Tuesday's election, said she hopes the publicity would encourage the scofflaws to negotiate with city officials.
Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker's boss at the Daily Bugle, makes it his crusade to stop this scofflaw.
Such cynics, for all their scofflaw bravado, are mere romantic buffoons.
Serco will provide daily parking enforcement, traffic control, dispatch, and customer service, scofflaw enforcement through the use of license plate recognition technology, operations and maintenance of City%s 1,900 parking meters.