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Several elements of Youth and Hick Scorner indicate that they may well have been early entries in such a tradition of chapel children plays.
The same is true of the morality plays in print concurrently with Everyman: The World and the Child and Medwall's Nature both resolutely survey all seven deadly sins; less systematic than these, but each serving up a cornucopia of immorality, are Hick Scorner, Youth, and Skelton's Magnyfycence.
The scorner of good food is a natural barbarian, to my way of thinking, and very likely a fratricide, false speaker, and potential defaulter into the bargain.
A scorner of neatly plotted stories, he was most at home in works controlled by the rhythms and voice of the teller of tales.
Impeach my honesty and that of those who have colluded in one or another of my fancies, and you impeach the honesty of all true believers, and so my first priority is to take the moral high ground, along with the author of Proverbs, who wrote, 'Smite a scorner, and the simple will beware.
BOY Michael Carvill celebrates scoring direct from a corner last night sCORNER
A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it, not but knowledg" and "Mat.
There is here a hint of a way in which productions could shape a more troubling vision of the play in which Falstaff's contempt is the source for justification of the repeated tormentings he receives, an image of a harsher world in which the community bonds together to punish its scorner, perhaps more than the original crime might appear to warrant, leaving a sense that the exclusions through which Windsor constructs itself are not necessarily to be valued quite as highly as productions have tended to do.
He is a nonbeliever and a scorner of all religion, which he compares to believing in fairies at the bottom of your garden, and perceives as one of the root causes of intolerance, persecution, and war.
Let the army see me among your other spoils, and add to your other praises this, that you hold your scorner scorned, pointing the finger at me, despised slave.
And he admits that after a decade of being dubbed Little Jack Scorner, it was time for an image overhaul.
modern-spelling texts of Youth and Hick Scorner, (9) and Paula