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The towering Palace Dome will feature scorners of festive activities to surround the Christmas trees, including a special seat for Santa Claus, and a Gingerbread house selling Christmas goodies and cookies.
Despite Elizabeth Barrett Browning's well-known judgment of Fuller as "one of the out and out Reds and scorners of grades of society," Adam-Max Tuchinsky finds that Fuller's socialist colors were not quite as true as we might assume (228).
Love permits his echo be dispersed among the trees, and merely echo, and mere-- what concentrates is silt beneath the creek, the residue of love after time has closed its doors and hung the sign-- for we are scorners all and yet may know that love which tidepools us, like sea anemone in coastal caves.
Reds, & scorners of grades of society," they heard directly of
Great scorners of life that they are, the partisans of absolute self-sacrifice to State, Cause or Fuhrer do have one thing in common with those whose passion for life challenges the ethos and techniques of renunciation: though antithetical, their sense of jubilation is equally acute.
The Prime Minister of Israel had admitted to the whole world that the Israelis have been there for 62 years: "The best response to scorners was given in this auditorium 62 years ago," he said.
Who Are You" portrays a stalwart Vincent unhappily surrounded by mockers and scorners (as I, too, have experienced on many occasions).
Daileader's piece makes two arguments: first, that the play and its protagonist are equal opportunity scorners, universally castigating men and women alike for lusting after flesh and/or money and second, that the play demonstrates the practical impossibility of a chaste life in the world as it stands, leaving women faced with a choice "To be or not to be a great man's 'harlot'?