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Massachusetts--often scornfully referred to as "Taxachusetts"--actually has a lower business tax burden than most states, including New Hampshire, according to the data used in a recent report by the Massachusetts Budget and Policy center.
Initially he sub-contracted with shorter stage lines along the way, but eventually established a through line of his own, a line that one of his competitors scornfully predicted "Would not last until the June bugs come.
OF THOSE appalling Dee with cost Welsh money to idea who hope they Pollution doesn't While elsewhere he wrote scornfully of George IV, this is a fond look back to the golden days of the pre-railway age.
People say I've got an underdog quality about me that people find endearing," he laughs scornfully, as if he doesn't believe this is actually true, although it's spot-on.
She looked at me scornfully for a second, poured her drink over my lap and told me I didn't know what I was talking about.
MILES tries to warn Kirsty that Trey has a crush on her, but she scornfully says she can handle it.
Hinting at the hollowness of their rhetoric compared to the real sacrifices the Egyptian army has made for the Palestinian cause, Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit scornfully asked: "Do these satellite channels have infantry and armored battalions?
Then he proceeded scornfully to threaten to take away "the dog licences" of bolshie Labour MPs.
A smart, cute boy does not a president make," she said scornfully of Obama, adding: "I don't think we have any proof that he knows how to manage international affairs or the economy.
He said scornfully of the British "you can never trust people with such terrible food" and called Anglo-French relations "a turbulent love affair.
Edgar Hoover to warrant surveillance, and was scornfully derided as a "negro with a hat" by W.