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Poison centers in Arizona document 11,000 scorpion stings every year, according to the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center.
In the central-southern region of Mexico, especially in the states of Morelos and Guerrero, there is a high incidence of poisonous scorpion stings (Dehesa-Davila et al.
A local inflammatory reaction with marked swelling is also typical of berg adder bite but usually absent in scorpion sting.
On August 3, 2011, Anascorp became the first treatment approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Centruroides scorpion sting envenomation, and has been awarded orphan drug designation by the FDA, providing a seven-year period of market exclusivity.
TRAGIC: Gareth in hospital shows his thumb sting; DEADLY: Poison in a scorpion sting can kill
Despite the frequency of scorpion sting cases, there are to date no uniform criteria for their treatment.
Reading it is like watching a scorpion sting itself to death: grisly and sad, yet somehow fascinating.
So you don't have to worry about that venomous, deadly scorpion sting of the reporters.
Food and Drug Administration today approved Anascorp, the first specific treatment for a scorpion sting by Centruroides scorpions in the United States.
A man has died just weeks after surviving after a scorpion sting in a Thai kidnapping ordeal.
There was the scorpion sting while living in dusty Las Cruces, N.