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exclaimed the scout, whose eyes began to glisten with the ardor of his usual occupation; "if they come within range of a bullet I will drop one, though the whole Six Nations should be lurking within sound
The international scout delegation comprises 13 different countries from in and outside the ASEAN region, summing up to a total of 386 foreign scouts, with Indonesia having the biggest delegation of 145 scouts.
Back in the day, the only way to get a box of tasty Girl Scout treats was to know an actual Girl Scout selling them.
The Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT) and the Collection Workflow Integration System (CWIS), open-source software packages developed by the Internet Scout Project under grants from the Andrew W.
However, to suggest that the occasional Scout use of military property represents federal establishment of religion is so absurd it should even embarrass ACLU lawyers--if they were capable of embarrassment.
In the process, Mechling rather overstates the influence of Ernest Thompson Seton, the BSA's first Chief Scout (1910-1915) and downplays that of Robert BadenPowell, the British general who formulated the Boy Scout program, including its noncompetirive badge system.
Prior to the first meeting, the Care Pavilion scouts were fitted for regulation scout uniforms, including ties, hats and sashes that were provided by NewCourtland Elder Services.
None us were gay-rights crusaders and we have no openly gay scout leaders in our pack, but most of us felt that we owed it to our gay neighbors, family members, friends, and fellow parishioners to take a stand.
The Boy Scouts of America, as a private organization, must have the right to establish its own standards of membership if it is to continue to instill in boys the values of the Scout Oath and Law to boys .
Clearly it is their judgment that gays are incapable of living up to the Scout oath of being "morally straight" and the Scout law of being "clean.
Since scouting provides so much helpful information on the opponents and is so vitally important in the game plan, the question that remains to be answered is: Why doesn't every coach also scout his own team?