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I was out with a small scouting party and found your body, full of bullet-holes and newly scalped-- somewhat mutilated otherwise, too, I am sorry to say--right where you say you made your fight.
He must on, and on, till somewhere, some time, he encountered another man, or other men, from the other side, scouting, as he was scouting, to make report, as he must make report, of having come in touch.
Do you think Nancy and me has got nothing else to do with our precious time but to spend it in scouting arter, and kidnapping, every young boy as gets grabbed through you?
In his message on Scouts Day, President Zardari, who is Chief Scout of Pakistan, said scouting is an international movement which nourishes spiritual, mental, physical and social capabilities of the youth through informal education and instils in them characteristics of love, sympathy and selfless service for the humanity.
Scouts Canada has always been in the forefront of world Scouting, providing leadership and financial support to other Scout associations.
Minor and Bill Kearns will receive the George Genovese Lifetime Achievement Award for scouting excellence.
While I sympathize with the Alpha Phi Omega scouting fraternity, sponsor of the Merit Badge Day event at Syracuse, I applaud the moral courage of the leadership of the university to stand against intolerance and discrimination.
Christopher earned his first badge (for fishing) the day after he entered the Scouting program.
A more basic point, from which readers may be distracted by this interpretive flamboyance, is that the narrative represents Boy Scouting at its best: This is a long-established troop camping independently with a Scoutmaster who demands responsibility and yet provides space where boys can (within limits) "fuck up" and learn from the experience.
Today his and his younger brother's scouting days are over.
Boy Scouting makes no effort to discover the sexual orientation of any person.
Since scouting provides so much helpful information on the opponents and is so vitally important in the game plan, the question that remains to be answered is: Why doesn't every coach also scout his own team?