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Kenya's scrap metal dealers have long been accused of profiting from the vandalism of the country's road furniture and public infrastructure, including electricity and telephone cables, roadside lamp posts, guard rails, manhole covers and fibre-optic cables.
Ironically, these objects had originally been fashioned from mostly scrap metal, and scrap metal is believed to be the reason for the theft.
A spokesman for the East Coast train company said: "We fully support the measure which, if implemented, will introduce a stricter licensing regime to the scrap metal trade.
The proposed changes to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 would replace the current registration scheme with a robust licensing scheme with scrap metal dealers paying a licence fee to fund its regulation.
Scrap metals that URSI purchases and recycles include:
Anyone wishing to take along their scrap metal can simply turn up at Mason's Brierley Hill depot at Two Woods Lane, Off Mill Street.
Although some haulers may be tempted to use solid waste trailers and scrap metal trailers interchangeably, industry suppliers recommend against this.
headquartered in Chicago, is a rapidly-growing consolidator of the scrap metal recycling industry, building a quality company through strategic integration and internal growth.
Goal #3-Prevent inclusion of new restrictions to recycling of scrap metal by foundries.
Moore Metal Recycling is the owner of the scrap metals and junk vehicles and will be responsible for the loading of the scrap metals and junk vehicles onto the Contractor s barge at the City of Unalaska Landfill.
Eight years later, the Tung Tai gateway remains wide open and, in fact, offers additional markets for scrap metal and plastic exported from North America to China's still-booming manufacturing sector.
Going from a tangled pile of mixed demolition debris to saleable aggregate, mulch and scrap metal products takes time, effort and careful planning.