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Personally, I could not care less if I even see a rub or scrape all season near any of my stands.
Use a rubber spatula to scrape sides and bottom of bowl from time to time.
Create a wallow or scrape and rub it into the soil for long lasting attraction, Available in 8-ounce packages in three scents: Doe Estrous, Buck Urine and Scrape Mate.
1) A-Way Hunting Products' Scrape Venom Scent Web is an aerosol spray string containing a buck/doe/tarsal mix.
Chris Welker said skateboarding can be vandalism if the boards chip paint or scrape walls, but she said officers most often stop those skating on city streets.
Code Blue's new Scrape Mate is buck urine collected from a single buck and intensified with natural gland secretions to create a powerful scent that enrages bucks.
I found a new scrape near a food plot and put a camera on it to take video of the visitors.
At high noon, I was walking in cut beans on my way to hunt over a scrape.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- During 10 years in the China digital space, Web Presence In China(WPIC) develops highly sophisticated software to scrape China's biggest Internet platforms, including Alibaba, Baidu, JD, Sina, Tencent.
Designed for effective use during the entire deer season, Tink's Hot Shot[R] Power a powerful synthetic buck lure that conditions deer to return to a particular scrape, The fine mist can be sprayed over natural or mock scrapes, and on overhanging branches above scrapes.
But during the last week in October, they're more likely to walk right up to a scrape and give it a few strokes and a fresh dose of urine nibbed through the tarsal glands.
Scrapy Cluster is an on demand set of scrapers that continuously run in the background, allowing the arbitrary submission of scrape jobs to the idling spiders.