scrape together

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Unless they can scrape together sufficient funds to fight Kathy's corner in an immigration court, they'll be split, or have to return to Australia.
Real hunting is taking turns getting the kids to and from football and soccer, while the other one gets to scrape together a few hours to sit in the tree.
45pm John McGlynn had to help Raith Rovers scrape together some cash when his old club was on its knees.
With just four League games remaining (two away, two at home), coach Jody Shaw realises his side still need to scrape together a handful of points to keep out of the relegation area (3.
If you run out of the government voucher and then you run out of your own money, you're left to scrape together charity care, go without care, die sooner.
Let's hope there's enough left in the Old Trafford coffers after his new wage bill for them to scrape together a couple of summer signings.
In many cases it has left their expartners as a single parent, struggling to scrape together enough money to buy food and clothes for their children.
But it's bad news for Irish twins John and Edward Grimes - dubbed "vile creatures" by Simon Cowell - who managed to scrape together just 35,000 hits, 20 times less than Danyl.
If we can scrape together the air fare (hands are down the back of the couch as we speak) then we'll be there.
Southgate is on a very tight budget at the Riverside but is attempting to scrape together the cash to fund a bid for Traore.
How is it right that law-abiding people must scrape together the cash for a rail ticket to get themselves to work, while those who have been caught breaking the law, don't have to put their hands in their pocket?
If you can scrape together enough money for a deposit on a house (average price now in excess of pounds 200,000), the rising cost of living means your wage is completely absorbed paying for your mortgage and fuel bills etc.