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Mary scraped together the pounds 75,000 from 14 sources to build her garden - with many backers donating materials instead of money.
After eight weeks on the south Pacific island he could no longer cope on the meagre one meal a day his red team scraped together.
After starting out on $150,000 scraped together from friends and charged on credit cards, the duo has exploded outward, currently expecting sales of up to $20 million this year.
SAN FERNANDO - Completing a 10-year search for funds, city officials this month scraped together the final dollars needed for $5 million of improvements at Las Palmas Park, a symbol of change in recent years for San Fernando.
I scraped together enough to buy a Big Mac and then began to hitchhike home to Penrith.
The North Hollywood resident has scraped together the union's $4,400 membership fee, which would lead to better pay, easier hours, benefits and presumably higher-quality productions.
They arrived Wednesday at their retirement home in Acton, on the rural outskirts of Santa Clarita, courtesy of a trio that has scraped together $50,000 to save the lumbering animals.
Flores and his wife scraped together the down payment for the three-unit building two years ago to provide a better life for their daughter, now 12.
But with additional state revenue scraped together and minor concessions made by department officials, the budget was approved with only a few squabbles.
Years ago, parents scraped together enough money on their own to install some air-conditioning units on campus, but they couldn't afford them for every classroom.
Wiping beads of sweat off her forehead as she waited anxiously to splash into a city pool Monday, 12-year-old Christina Esteves said she's scraped together the 75-cent admission fee many times.
When, as a bright second-grader, Andre's reading skills far outpaced the norm at a public school in Chicago, his father, a heavy-equipment operator, and mother, a postal worker, scraped together the cash to send their son to more rigorous Catholic schools.