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The third set was a bit scrappier but by then the hard work was done.
The last round was a scrappier affair with Dean slightly too eager to push forward and an experienced opponent looking to hold at every available opportunity.
Craig is a scrappier fighter than Connery, so his suit gets dirty, his shirt rumples, and his tie may be slightly askew.
In fact, as the final hooter drew closer, the game got even scrappier.
The Smartphone Wars Continue - As Apple continues to push its dominance in the tech worldNit is now, by a vast margin, the worldOs largest company by market capitalizationNit faces new challenges from its scrappier, Android-based competition.
Shrewsbury was more scrappier, more hungrier and more physical than we were.
Some of the city's scrappier downtown and Brooklyn theaters were not so lucky, however.
And when Murray lost the first set on a tiebreak, he was in danger of being thwarted by a man who was even steadier and scrappier than him.
Whenever the presidential election circles around, I swear I can measure in decibels and number of arguments how much scrappier we all become.
XCOR is one of the smaller, scrappier players in the private space race, not driven by the headline-grabbing exploits of superwealthy chieftains such as Branson and SpaceX's Elon Musk.
We've been able to shut teams out in scrappier games and then nick a goal.
But the promising early high standards slowly disappeared as the game became scrappier as the half wore on, with the Saddlers stifling Charlton's moves forward.