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The game started somewhat scrappily with neither side taking advantage of early chances and possession.
The game started scrappily with few opportunities although winger Marvin Johnson had early chances to open the scoring but he shot into the side netting and forced keeper Chris Dilo into action.
After a three-week break, the game started scrappily and both sides struggled for any momentum.
tick Fail to turn up, start scrappily, get torn apart by an organised and motivated team we make look like world-beaters, descend into jittery, clunky chaos at the back and gift stupid goals with schoolboy defending.
Until Lallana's winner the game had been heading for extratime after Adam Barton had scrappily equalised for Preston in the 52nd minute to cancel out a Jos Hooiveld headed opener in the first half.
As for Haifa, they played how you would expect: Small, fast, scrappily, and much less well.
The second period started scrappily, Flournoy dragging his team off court for a time-out after a scoreless opening but the break did little to improve either side's wasteful finishing.
The second half began scrappily, and Nathan Willis should have done better when he met Quinn's outswinging corner, but could only thump a header over the crossbar from on the penalty spot.
The first part of the equation was achieved on Saturday, however scrappily and Wales can regroup this morning and work out how to shock Russia.
To win along the way creates a bit of space, but the sign of an emerging, good team is when you win games you shouldn't win and when you win games scrappily.