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The second half began scrappily, and Nathan Willis should have done better when he met Quinn's outswinging corner, but could only thump a header over the crossbar from on the penalty spot.
The first part of the equation was achieved on Saturday, however scrappily and Wales can regroup this morning and work out how to shock Russia.
To win along the way creates a bit of space, but the sign of an emerging, good team is when you win games you shouldn't win and when you win games scrappily.
The second half started scrappily with misplaced passes from both teams causing moves to break down.
FOUR orphans - scrappily lifted from The Da Vinci Code, Nacho Libre, X-Men 3 and Snakes On A Plane - end up in The Chronicles Of Narnia via Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.
Cambo is the superior golfer, but this has been a disappointing year for the Maori, who played scrappily in defence of his World Match Play title and has rarely contended.
The second half started scrappily but Hunt almost had the home fans in raptures in 52 minutes when he got his head to a Samuel cross on the six-yard line.
Price admitted he began the day scrappily and thought he was heading for a score a few over par but he turned things around dramatically with one of the best back nines of the week over a brutal stretch at Royal St George's.
I played too scrappily for much of the time and did not hole enough putts,'' said the 44-year-old Oswestry-born Woosnam, now based in Jersey.
If there's a single, simple message that can be distilled from ``Jails, Hospitals & Hip-Hop,'' Danny Hoch's scrappily intelligent, pugnaciously funny new solo show, this may be it.
The second half started just as scrappily with a flurry of bookings on both sides and the Bay lost McMahon with a split lip that required five stitches after an elbow in the face.