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substantial quantities of factory reject and outdated product scrap is available for reclaiming.
Factory reject and road worn innertube scrap is generated in substantial quantities, but collection of road worn scrap is difficult since tubes are generally scrapped in relatively small quantities at any one location.
This is a very expensive polymer and many who generate any significant quantity have their scrap custom reclaimed for reuse in their own compounds.
Through the years the reclaiming industry has been very innovative in adapting or developing processes to reclaim the various types of scrap rubber that were available.
Many different reclaiming processes have been used through the years, depending on scrap characteristics and economics.
Ground rubber scrap is in most cases the teed stock for the devulcanization step.
A mechanical or reclaimator process has been used for the continuous reclaiming of whole tire scrap.
The partial devulcanization or depolymerization of scrap rubber will result in a degradation of physical properties.
With the natural stigma of reclaimed rubber being produced from scrap and its not having equal physical properties obtainable with virgin rubber compounds, a decision was made by several tire manufactures to phase reclaim out of their compounds even though the compound most likely had nothing to do with tire failures.
Those remaining in the reclaim business had been able to make marked improvements in the reclaim quality by developing inner grinding, improving wire and fiber removal techniques, and had even improved tensile properties significantly by blending high quality natural rubber peel scrap into the product mix.
The recent awareness of a scrap tire problem and all the recycling activity has had no positive impact on the reclaiming industry, and is not likely to have.