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What keeps despots, dictators awake at night, what topples evil empires is the little person who goes into the square in the middle of town in the dark of the night and scrawls on the wall, 'No.
Network Rail, who are responsible for the structure, say it will cost around PS40,000 to wipe away the scrawls.
Scrawls seem to reflect the artist's experimentation with rhymes.
Meanwhile, Port Authority police have launched an investigation, and dispatched officers with cameras to the men's washrooms to take pictures of the heinous scrawls.
innocent bus passengers look on in disbelief as the youth scrawls his street name 'Enser' (bottom right).
The team has some high-tech tools that also help identify vandals, including a database that tracks similarities in scrawls even if a tagger changes his moniker.
The "artistic" point is made explicitly in a number of Homages to Franz Kline (notably Jalapa 66, 1974, on view at Andrea Rosen Gallery, or Lima 59, 1975, at Robert Mann), photos of graffiti-like scrawls that bear an uncanny resemblance to the painter's canvases, with their chance drips, broad handling, and quirky tensions of black and white.
At least 78 species add scrawls of silk, perhaps bars or an X, that have no purpose clear to people.
This soon gives way to a swirl of emotionally charged pictures and texts: In one drawing Pierson scrawls the word SOMEWHERE over a background smeared with fingerprints.
One of the biro pen scrawls read: "She called Heather a cow".