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For anyone who remembers the slogan "Keep Politics Out Of Sport", their complete inseparability rapidly becomes quite screamingly evident.
The fact was, as a townie kid I had been blinded to the screamingly obvious - that the real heroes in racing were not the horsemen but the horses.
The movie resonated not just because it is screamingly funny, but also because it dares to address the thought that the traditional female life narrative, in which marriage to "the right man" takes the place of every other kind of quest and call for self-discovery and self-development, may really not be enough.
Privately advertised Minis are screamingly affordable - around two grand is all it takes to buy a 2004 Cooper with 56,000 miles.
A lotta pickups are too hot, too aggressive, so these aren't really screamingly wild.
It's screamingly funny, and if Davis chooses to send himself up, who are we to judge?
While Manford remains the same, down-to-earth comic who fans first warmed to, those responsible for his image take great pains to ensure journalists do not ask the screamingly obvious questions.
Energetic and upbeat, "New Blues" was driven by Shigeki Ippon's energetic bass and Isao Sankichi Miyoshi's screamingly electric guitar, and grounded by Hiroyuki Noritake's brash percussion.
And I have relished the opportunity to work with six really screamingly talented women in this production.
At the IDPA Nationals of '09 at the superb USSA facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma I watched many-time National Champ Julie Goloski-Golub perform a screamingly good run.
Some people swear that rubbing garlic into the scalp at night will cure baldness and for some ladies, the stench of a human size, rotting, sweating garlic bulb lying in bed next to them is preferable to having a screamingly shiny, bald pate stare across at you from the breakfast table.
Of course the most screamingly obvious thing to do is convince the owner to spey the cat.