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A piece of coarse canvas screened the opening between the two rooms in place of the door.
21) found that most adolescents identified by risk-assessment questionnaire to be at risk for LTBI in 3 Boston schools were not adequately screened for TB infection.
By applying national data on sexual activity among young people to the screening rate observed in their study, the analysts estimate that only 12% of asymptomatic sexually active 15-24-year-old women who make primary care visits are screened for STDs.
Jable says that once material has been screened into streams of two different sizes, one stream may be manually picked while the second may undergo additional automated processing.
Radiation Dose--CT screening subjects the individual screened to radiation exposure from x rays.
We conducted a descriptive study, using GIS technology, of the blood lead (BPb) levels and residential location of at-risk children screened for lead exposure.
This measure provides a state option to expand Medicaid eligibility to women under age 65 who have been screened by the NBCCEDP, need treatment for breast and/or cervical cancer, and are uninsured.
Fernand Labrie and colleagues at Laval University in Quebec, found that men who underwent screening had a death rate from prostate cancer less than one-third that of men who were not screened.
Although zones are supposed to be impervious to screens, they can be screened, as you can see in Diags.
A key consideration, given the number of babies to be screened in the Netherlands and the greater number of disorders being screened, was securing robust software that could support the system and manage the calculations," Summe added.