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We had just moved house and wallpapered one of the walls with a very expensive paper but 'luckily' she scribbled on the painted wall
When the coloring sheets were thoroughly scribbled on and each child's work admired, we had a brief snack of parish-sponsored milk and cookies, and then the children were released into the yard to run off the sugar.
Doodles in sketchbooks, and scribbled meeting agendas from his collection are among the sources for a body of work which exposes these chance marks and makes them larger, creating abstract paintings.
Not long ago, teenage gossip was something that spread in the cafeteria or was scribbled on bathroom walls.
I borrowed the music, and soon I was listening to Astor Piazolla's passionate chords as I scribbled out my homework.
His message, sometimes scribbled on the painting, was always clear: Memento mori (remember death).
Animals in the Coral Reef" is spelled out colorfully on another screen and written as if a child innocently scribbled it.
The Times reported: "On one page, under the title 'Explosivija za Oklahomu,' the owner of the notebook had scribbled formulas with inscriptions in English for TNT, ammonium nitrate and nitro-glycerine.
Gia Carangi, top model and the main character here, scribbled regularly in her notebooks, and if her story -- difficult Philadelphia childhood, rapid rise and precipitous fall in the fashion business of the late '70s and early '80s, death from AIDS complications -- is too filled with schoolgirlish stabs at poetry to be very interesting, it at least provides a competent framework for this quite watchable two-hour movie.
The linguist also learns about other languages, as in the case of the ancient Greek mercenaries who scribbled their names, in the Cypriote dialect and syllabary, on an Egyptian sphinx, or the Greek "tourist" from Pamphylia who carved his name on the great pyramid at Giza.
The ubiquitous lab notebook, with its dog-eared corners, stained pages and scribbled entries, may one day give way to an electronic analog that permits not only the recording of data but also the sharing of information among researchers scattered throughout the world.
16 ( ANI ): The Union Civil Aviation Ministry has acted promptly on a complaint forwarded by the cultural cell of the Maharashtra Congress for removing derogatory comments scribbled against women political lLeaders on the walls of the gents rest room at the Thiruvananthapuram Airport.