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One involves the use of trained scribes, who come from a variety of backgrounds and are charged with writing down, or scribing, what the physician says.
The efficiency of solar cells depends largely on how accurate your scribing of microchannels is," Shin said.
The new Robotic Beam Cutting and Scribing System automatically generates tool paths from CIS/2 part files for cuts, copes, holes, slots, notches, cutouts and assembly markings on beams up to 40 foot long, 4 to 44 inches wide and 4 to 18 inches in height.
The MPS14 automatically scans, positions, and registers parts, and inspects the scribing tips for sharpness and position with no need for operator intervention.
But they're easy to learn, and with a little practice you'll be scribing like a pro.
The DX-III ScriberBreaker system is capable of complete automatic scribing and breaking of semiconductor wafers and is fully programmable for all scribing and breaking parameters, including True Angle |TM~ diamond tool positioning.
The 2112 system's patented technology, advanced automated alignment, and robust hardware platform combine to enable the industry's fastest laser scribing throughput, up to 12 wafers per hour, for high-brightness, light-emitting diode (HB-LED) manufacturing.
As the pioneer in scribing, which started out primarily in the emergency medicine setting, Elite Medical Scribes has been able to identify key components in emergency medicine and tailor its training, program setup, and quality assurance processes accordingly.
Scribing is the technique of transferring the irregularities of one surface to an adjoining surface to get a tight fit between the two pieces.