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If it fails to close, fluid continues to seep through and cause scrotal swelling.
Switzer's report or curriculum vitae (CV) to establish that he had the experience or training to testify that if a surgical procedure is erroneously performed on a left testicle as opposed to a right testicle it would proximately cause "subsequent post-operative complications, bleeding, hematoma formation, massive scrotal swelling, pain and difficulty urinating and [ultimately necessitate] a second reparative operation which included the loss of the patient's left testicle which was otherwise preventable.
One month later, the man was readmitted with fever associated with scrotal swelling and pain.
A 48-year-old man presented with right scrotal swelling that had been present for 3 years and that had significantly increased in size in the 2 months prior to admission.
The primary side effects of the Vasectomy procedure that doctors regularly see are, uncomfortable scrotal swelling and localized pain that is generally reduced by application of cold therapy combined with support of the affected area.