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Diagnostic Tests: Negative urinalysis (sonography of the pelvis and scrotum ordered but not performed).
Upon bivalving the scrotum, a large amount of foul-smelling pus was evacuated under pressure.
Cystic swellings of scrotum are usually painless and can attain a very big size without causing much discomfort to patient.
Paramedic Aurora Popa said: " The man had a severe open wound on his scrotum.
Severe genetic defects including cryptochidism (McFarland and Deniz, 1961), absence of scrotum (Finco et al.
The acute scrotum is a clinical syndrome that is defined as an acute, painful swelling of the scrotum or its contents accompanied by local signs and general symptoms" [21].
Sinuses and fistulae in the scrotum is a known entity.
There was hydrocele in the right scrotum as seen on Figure 1 which was taken after obtaining consent from the family.
The 39-year-old has had the inflamed scrotum from his late twenties, which his doctors blamed on his obesity.