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In this approach, each group's scrounger will follow the best member of the group when performing scrounging.
He has decided to recreate the culture in himself, making no structured attempt to describe and assess the lives of his fellow scroungers, in fact avoiding contact with them (except by accident).
But if anyone still had any doubts that scroungers and layabouts are abusing the system, this case proves it.
Old Western Scrounger has recently come up with some good ideas.
Regarding the article in last week's Echo re the scrounger dad from Pontypridd.
The 43-year-old mother-of-two whose real name is Deidre Kelly spoke of her upset over being called a scrounger and other names, during the programme broadcast on Thursday evening.
They've given us two councils nobody wants, shut all the pits, then nearly all the shipyards and steel making has gone, while MPs seem to think anyone with a horse is a toff or anyone who has served the country is a scrounger.
I've been called a Benets Street slag and my boy called a scrounger - all because of that programme," she said.
But at the same time, Ireland is not a bottomless pit of money for any lazy scrounger who wants to sign on, and sign up for an easy life.
Sir Fred's legacy drew much of the criticism, with one shareholder branding him a benefits scrounger.
But as far as Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson is concerned, a scrounger is what you are.
Well, at least he's our scrounger, unlike the thousands of so-called asylum seekers who have not put a penny into the kitty but seem to be living quite well on our handouts.