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My charming therapist applied a thick mixture of chocolate, milk and ground rice on my body, scrubbing away -- in a choreographed motion -- all the rough and cracked skin that is so particular to winter dryness.
They make ideal cleaning tools either for gentler jobs, such as cleaning jewellery, or tougher ones such as scrubbing away mould in the bathroom.
All of us remember at some point in our lives being hunched down on all fours, scrubbing away at the rough surface of the sidewalk with intense colors of chalk, trying to create images of comic-book characters, abstract swirls of colors or scenes of faraway places we would like to visit.
The pitch for the first Test in Bangalore (described as 'terrible' by John Buchanan, the Australian coach) has been tailor made for them, with the groundstaff scrubbing away any traces of grass with steel brushes.
Direct Supply's compact SelecTrac 17" Path Carpet Extractor from Kent power-cleans carpets by applying cleaning solution onto carpet fibers, scrubbing away spots and dirt, and then vacuuming away the dirty solution with its powerful three-stage vacuum motor.
The first young people are now starting to carry out a range of new punishments, from repairing damage which they have caused, to scrubbing away their own graffiti.