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Artificial grass is almost maintenance free (just sweep now and then), and it never goes brown and scrubby.
Artificial grass is almost maintenance-free (just sweep now and then), and it never goes brown and scrubby.
It changed character on every corner, beginning as a makeshift track dissecting the scrubby, sheep-filled fields beyond our house, and when it reached our gate a slightly more substantial thoroughfare emerged.
In many other designs, you have a lot of scrubby, gritty, scratching movement to get through as the parts slide on each other.
Families of victims from Burkina Faso, from where the McDonnell Douglas MD-83 aircraft took off early on Thursday morning, were flown out by helicopter to pay respects at the scrubby bushland site.
The dry herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, have evolved to survive in poor soil, open exposure and full sun - imagine them on a baking Mediterranean scrubby hillside.
The robber is described as a white man in his early 50s, about 5-feet-5-inches tall, with a thin build and scrubby facial hair.
According to the analysis, more than half of those located on relatively flat terrain and surrounded by scrubby vegetation show signs of desiccation.
The Karoo, which is a Khoi-san word meaning "land of thirst", is a vast, scrubby, semi-arid area that covers about a third of South Africa's total land mass.
A scrubby, unwelcoming little space, the city seems to have forgotten it.
Taken with clinical precision, the ten images portray the barren trees against lengths of white muslin, either alone or in a row, rising up from a scrubby ground that is in places littered with bruised and rotting fruit.
For while poor Keith's body may have remained buried beneath the scrubby grass of Saddleworth Moor, his heart and soul lived on with his mother.