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Well, actually there are lots of things that are within the law that we don't do because actually we have some moral scruples about them and I think we need this debate about tax too.
A COVENTRY restaurateur had to pass up a chance to sample a dish made by celebrity chef Paul Rankin because of religious scruples.
PC Mark Cole said Mr Bartholomew, who was badly shaken, was a "soft target", and the robbers had "no scruples.
I may be branded old fashioned, but at least I have morals and scruples.
I'M SORRY to disappoint Graham of Tyseley, but CCTV operatives are no different to postmen, social carers and bank clerks in that, given the temptation, some of them will set aside any scruples and take advantage of the rest of society -in this case to use their position to spy on customers.
Meanwhile, there was a shock in the Forrester Sports League First Division when strugglers Hafod Scruples notched up a welldeserved 46-38 victory against Wrexham,currently lying third.
But when we should be seeking help for others who cannot ask for themselves, we have no right to such scruples.
Apart from being the perfect bet, this wager will test the moral scruples of the punter,'' said Graham Sharpe, of William Hill.
BECAUSE you've no scruples and no respect for your husband, his friendships or your marriage.
If Mr Cecil thinks prostitutes have scruples about what they're prepared to sell and tell, perhaps he should have a dope test.