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Moreover, there appears to be a specific relationship between religiosity and obsessionality with highly religious individuals experiencing more obsessional thoughts, scrupulosity, and checking behaviors than low and non-religious individuals (Hutchinson, Patock-Peckham, Won Cheong, 8c Nagoshi, 1998; Inozu, Clark, & Karanci, 2012a; Sica, Novara, & Sanavio, 2002; Yorulmaz, Gencoz, & Woody, 2009).
Egoism can also support scrupulosity, fastidious adherence to every jot of the law.
The book is written for those who suffer from scrupulosity and those who would benefit by learning more about it.
Disgust, scrupulosity and conservative attitudes about sex: Evidence for a mediational model of homophobia.
Yet if they considered defiance, those same consciences awoke into "an agonising scrupulosity which invariably frustrated action.
Scrupulosity, what Katie suffers from, refers to a disposition of seeing sin all over one's life.
He rejected rigidity and scrupulosity in favor of wholeness.
We can just thank the bank clerks for scrupulosity and the perfect order of keeping all documents in the document folders.
God attachment anxiety is positively correlated with a subtype of obsessive compulsive disorder called scrupulosity (Fergus & Rowatt, 2014) and also with neuroticism and negative affect, while it is negatively related to positive affect (Rowatt & Kirkpatrick, 2002), self-esteem (Freeze & DiTommaso, 2015; Kezdy, Martos, & Robu, 2013; Njus, Bane, & Delikowski, 2010; Zahl & Gibson, 2012), and self-acceptance (Freeze & DiTommaso, 2015).
Understanding OCD" includes a list of normal "bad" thoughts versus obsessions; features tests to rate one's guilt, scrupulosity, and OCD; examines the ways in which guilt is an interfering factor in OCD treatment and recovery; and covers effective strategies for controlling the conscience-related aspects of the disease.
Scrupulosity breeds shame and guilt, but the sinfulness is venial, not mortal.
When invited to stand for an interview before the gathered faculty of the University of York English Department, she wrested the floor from the entire department and detailed, with pointed scrupulosity, just what the department needed to do to improve.