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For more Puritan-leaning English Protestants focused on the doctrine of predestination, introspection regarding election was encouraged, but scrupulosity or excessive doubling were similarly criticized.
I would like to thank Kevin Gilmartin, who first invited me to return to Malthus, and to thank as well the three anonymous readers for Studies in Romanticism: this essay benefited immeasurably from their responsiveness, severity, and scrupulosity, and from the attentiveness of Charles Rzepka and Deborah Swedberg.
And vague statements about the Jewish law becoming a burden or about the legalistic scrupulosity of Pharisees not only beg verification but also evoke harmful stereotypes.
Once again, Kiely details the streets and the alleys, the comfortable homes and the squalid hovels, the outlying country roads and hills, with veristic scrupulosity.
In fact, this may be a case of undue scrupulosity, since much of the nomenclature we use to describe the Reformation is anachronistic to some degree or another anyway.
There is one case report of cognitive therapy delivered in a faith-based manner (ie, asking the patient to invoke Christ) that led to rapid resolution of obsessions in a religious patient, (9) and a small case series of patients whose excessive religious scrupulosity responded to treatment with serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
This sincerity is a compound of scrupulous self-purging and objectifying compassion--without the compassion (for his molester, for those Ryan himself had hurt with his obsessive sexual hunting, for himself as the boy and man he had been), there would likely be an atmosphere of aggrieved judgment and sensationalism; without the scrupulosity, there might be an avoiding of the most painful facts and possibly even a sort of "self-hero worship" in which the story would present itself as the triumph of a resurrected soul.
Anyone who has raised a normal teenager and thought the going was rough will be thankful they didn't have one with obsessive compulsive disorder that segued to scrupulosity and anorexia.
Her own fastidious reluctance to publish, her drastic later revisions, her extreme scrupulosity with words, her fidelity to the factual, bear witness to the justice of her "perfect contempt" for poetry, a contempt which was her ultimate integrity.
This determined lady knows neither scrupulosity nor humility, nor is it in her nature to honour the Catholic doctrine, nor by dint of her high position, to be deterred from testing it.
But still, at graduate school one of my professors defined scrupulosity as the "Catholic disease.
Lewis's rebellion against the scrupulosity fostered by Wynyard's religious atmosphere helped prompt a lifelong disdain for introspection.