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The role of ethical guide, demonstrating how to pay attention to what is important, is a role McKegney takes seriously and performs with a deliberate display of humble scrupulousness.
Patients belonged to economically poorer sections that lack in their cleanliness and scrupulousness in maintaining their eyes clean.
Due to his scrupulousness he declined his inheritance of about seventy thousand dirhams that his father had left him because of the latter's Mu'tazili leanings.
I think Beckett's scrupulousness here in part rhetorical, as a move against biographical reductionism as much as it is an honest self-appraisal.
His profession, he added, "educated me to concreteness and precision, to the habit of 'weighing' each word with the same scrupulousness as someone carrying out a quantitative analysis.
The then Tor Tiv (paramount ruler), Orcivirigh Dr Akperan Orshi, intervened in the debate to affirm Tiv scrupulousness in matters of sexuality.
When applied to public officials, the Spanish term delicadeza means much more than its literal meaning - scrupulousness, honesty, fineness, softness, tenderness, and delicateness.
It was "the result of the Pope's express wish for a case this serious and sensitive to be dealt with without delay, with the necessary scrupulousness and full undertaking of responsibility on the part of the institutions which head up the Holy See," Lombardi said.
The scrupulousness with which these histories unfold and develop, coupled with the author's profound understanding of the milieu, and its media and film, makes this book a must read for anyone interested in contemporary Iran and its extraordinary cinema.
He analyzed components including dynamism, dominance, politeness, cooperativeness, scrupulousness, perseverance, emotional control, impulse control, openness, internal-external attitude control and attachment.
001 significant positive correlations were found between the following subfactors (see Table 2): dynamism and D, cooperativeness, scrupulousness, PE, OC, and OE; D and scrupulousness, PE, and OC; scrupulousness and PE, OC, and OE; PE, OC, and OE; emotion control (EC) and IC; OC and OE.