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Speaking after the event, Mrs Baird said: "The Police and Crime Panel's role is to scrutinise me and not the Chief Constable.
The Court of Appeals (CA) yesterday empowered the AMLC to scrutinise the 430 accounts in nine banks in the name of Napoles, her husband, children and the NGOs she set up.
Melfyn said: "It was an honour to be selected as a person to scrutinise new ideas in the industry.
The cynical part of me believes the Government are happy about the matter because it allows us less time to scrutinise them.
Set up in 2011 the committee, made up of AMs, scrutinises health minister Mark Drakeford, key health bodies, and holds the Welsh Government to account for policy and spending.
The prime minister said: "He's right we need to properly scrutinise TTIP but I think we must do that on the basis of the truth rather than scare stories and I do worry that when it comes to health services or food safety or, indeed, investor protection clauses there's an awful lot of scare stories going round and maybe his Bill and this greater scrutiny can lay some of those to rest.
The Federation of Small Businesses believes the independent body set up to scrutinise new government regulations needs to do more to help smaller firms.
They argue that because the Assembly has no second chamber, equivalent to the House of Lords, it''s necessary to go on using the Westminster Parliament to scrutinise Welsh legislation before it becomes law.
We must have a system where we can scrutinise the workings of the Wales Audit Office as they scrutinise the activities and spending of other public bodies.
Mr Wilson told Stormont's finance committee: "If this assembly is to work properly and committees are to scrutinise properly then they must have the information to scrutinise and to look at.
Last week Gordon Brown did a speech in which he intended to continually pander to the middle classes, and now we have Mandelson stating that he will scrutinise any takeover of Cadbury.
Abu Dhabi: A lawmaker on Tuesday called for establishment of independent judicial inspection authority to scrutinise performance of judges and the prosecution and troubleshooting of any failures.