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His lawyers Peter Wanyama said the petitioner failed to name specific polling stations to be scrutinised.
The FBR sources in Karachi said that they got 900 nomination papers to scrutinised.
With this in mind, our powers in relation to stop and search are closely scrutinised at a local level by the independent West Midlands Police Authority which represents the communities we serve.
Furthermore, requests for LCOs are scrutinised by the Assembly''s own committees before they go up to Westminster.
The spokesman said the agreement is currently being scrutinised by lawyers.
I hereby conclude that forms 37A,37Bs, and C be scrutinised.
He hasn't got a moment when he isn't being scrutinised - he is scrutinised far more than any other player and that is hard on him.
Global Banking News-January 7, 2013--Pay of top bankers to be scrutinised by regulator in Germany(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Unlike Labour I am not afraid for my work to be scrutinised and the public record will show that I attended each of the 15 council meetings that have been called since July 2010.
Those sacked were found to have passed around the most disturbing images, but all 115 staff whose behaviour was scrutinised were found to have passed on images outside the agency.
By the time they have scrutinised the paperwork, convened the endless meetings, and recruited a few committees, people have died.
The Legislative Competence Orders arrangements are working well - at least the Welsh Assembly's work is being scrutinised much as county councils scrutinise the work of their board or cabinet.