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Able scrutinisers they have indeed become and their comments therefore hold legitimacy in teaching and learning scholarship (Handal, 2003).
Vaishali had scored nine marks in the Child Development paper but was failed as tabulators and scrutinisers were still following the pre- 2007 promotion rule.
They turn up in the Assembly, they represent their constituents well, they are good scrutinisers of budgets and legislation.
6 billion of "self helpIn today's era of accountability and regulation, do plans for trustees to replace governors create enough distance between scrutinisers and executives?
Independent scrutinisers Mark Grey, children's project officer at Stockton Council, and Redcar beach supervisor Jim Beckett looked on at yesterday's flurry of activity.
Although it is an old figure that does not actually indicate the state of our economy today, it is one of the main tools that we have available to us as scrutinisers and as policy makers to analyse the state of our economy.
There is no doubt the health and safety scrutinisers of today would probably have jailed me for my errors.
The scrutinisers will hold no fear for the mini-dictators ruling every town hall.
JAN ERIK KONGSHAUG The Other World (Act): The name of Jan Erik Kongshaug should be strangely familiar to liner note scrutinisers, for he is the renowned engineer on countless ECM records recorded in his native Norway.