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Businesses scouting for experienced mobile development agencies to help them access the rankings online to find agencies which have been scrutinized by an independent third party.
Thoroughly evaluate liquidation and reorganization plans (including bankruptcy proceedings) and other business plans, understanding that once a bankruptcy petition is filed, the pre-petition conduct of directors will be scrutinized by independent parties, which may increase the likelihood of litigation against directors.
They scrutinized the field and they followed the money.
TEI supports the underlying purposes of these regulations and commends the government for taking the steps necessary to give effect to the tax shelter registration rules of section 6111 and for crafting new disclosure rules compelling taxpayers to highlight transactions to be scrutinized, he added.
Polke, with familiar alchemical magic, has scrutinized the buried layers of Goya's canvas wit X rays and the naked eye, as if to summon the hidden spirits lurking beneath the master's surfaces.
Nursing homes can expect to be much more closely scrutinized for FLSA compliance in the future and can anticipate that employee complaints will be given even more prompt and thorough attention by the DOL than in the past.
These recent federal enforcement actions have created a growing concern in the physician community that any financial relationships between physicians and drug manufacturers or home care companies will be scrutinized to determine whether they are in compliance with federal and state law.
The Bruckner Group's 2005 Payor Study indicates usage of high-priced biologicals will be scrutinized and rejected unless healthcare value is proven
At least 43 terror cases have been scrutinized so far by a committee of the Interior Ministry and would be sent to the military courts whereas other cases are being scrutinized.
Acting Secretary District Transport Authority Asifur Rahman said 1,300 applications had been received for verification and 199 of them had been scrutinized and forwarded to provincial transport authority.
The details of number of NGOs whose accounts have been scrutinized till date and the findings thereof are not maintained centrally by the CBDT.